We control the production chain of your textiles, to ensure a finished product that meets all your requirements.


Development of special yarns, composed of lines of fibres or filaments, assembled together, molded or gimped.


Weaving of products on air jet, water jet or lance looms, equipped with shafts or jacquard, in small or large width.

Dyeing - Finishing

Complete range of dyeing tools : jets, overflow, autoclaves, low and high temperature jigger, scarves Complete range of finishing tools : finishing range, micro-sandblasting, calendering, lacquering


Printing tool in rotating frame able to work special impressions, in pigments or fixed washed with infrared reflectance control


Lamination of fabrics to other textiles (knits, non-wovens, wadding) or to films (PU, polyolefins, PVC, aluminium), by bonding technique, coating or by padding / quilting


Coating of fabrics of polyurethane in aqueous phase, acrylic or PVC


Cutting of fabrics in strips or to shape, thanks to the use of different technologies: laser, ultra sound, hot and cold.