A technical textile is a knit, fabric, non-woven, cord, braid ... Touch and visual apearance are not essential. The textile consists of fibers called technical fibers, having characteristics chosen for one or more specific applications. The textile must meet strict requirements imposed by the customer, meeting specific standards.
Technical textiles have one or more characteristics such as flame retardant, mechanical strength, antistatic, oil repellency, protection, insulation, anti-cut, etc.
There are also smart textiles.
The majority of our textile complexes are produced in the Rhône Alpes region. Weaving is done in Saint-Etienne, the dye, coating and finishing are applied near Roanne. We limit the carbon footprint of each of our products as much as possible.
All our raw materials come from Europe (apart from a few exception). We attach great importance to the origin of each material and we prefer to operate the local economy.
Recycled Polyester (PES) is of European origin. These yarns come from post-consumer bottle recycling.

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Our market turns mainly to the defense sector (armies and police). In addition, we have the knowledge and experience to offer fabrics in the fields of luggage , workwear , tents , outdoor, tarpaulins, composites , food , furniture , medical etc.
Finally, we have a tailor-made offer, so don't hesitate to contact us.
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